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Dear Reader,
Life is full of troubles, and global warming is no laughing matter.  But nobody can deny that sometimes a good laugh can be therapeutic.  Besides, for those of you who have wondered why there are so few books that unite the themes of (1) global warming, (2) poorly functioning spermatozoa, and (3) the cooling of scrotums - well, here you are... 
Cool Balls - Global Warming, Scrotal Heat and the Fate of Humankind: The Definitive Illustrated Guide

As the earth gets hotter, spermatozoa become dysfunctional. Spermatozoa need just the right temperature to work; turn up the heat a bit, and these progenitors of future generations don't do what they are supposed to do: to participate in baby production. This is where the famous scientist Dr. Giancarlo Fabrizi comes into the picture.  He invents a device called the Scrotal Fan, a tiny electrical structure designed to cool the Global Scrotum on an individual basis, which is to say that guys are supposed to wear it around the scrotum, causing a scrotal temperature drop, bringing dying spermatozoa back to life.  But then there is another modification to the Fan by an evil dermatologist, Dr. Myrna Ballantine, and things go downhill from there.  Men, under a state of constant scrotal stimulation, become fixated on their groins, leading to total chaos and rampant, unstoppable sexuality.  Centuries of civilization go into the toilet...just like that.  Now only a miracle can save the world.

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Best wishes for a great (hopefully not too warm) future!